Area Rug Cleaning

area rug cleaning irvineCheck out amazing area rug cleaning specials from Active Chem-Dry! Call us today at (949) 612-7464 or schedule your appointment online.

Active Chem-Dry specializes in expert rug cleaning for your home or business. Technicians are able to clean both area rugs and Oriental rugs with drier, cleaner and healthier methods.

Our service is recognized as one of the best in the industry and has received The Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval.

Your Oriental rugs are an investment that require professional care and an attention to detail you can expect from Active Chem-Dry.

Our technicians administer proven Chem-Dry cleaning techniques. The Chem-Dry process ensures your area rugs and fine textiles are not subjected to too much water or harsh chemicals.

You can trust Active Chem-Dry. You will be happy you did. After all, we guarantee satisfaction to our customers.

Expert Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs serve many purposes in a home. Rugs can be both functional and decorative. Oftentimes a rug is the focal point of a room that ties the décor together. Other times it serves to protect the flooring beneath it.

Area rugs are very versatile.

Most of the time rugs are placed in high-traffic areas. This includes the center of a room or hallways and entryways. The more traffic a rug is subjected to the more often a rug will need to be cleaned.

Routine vacuuming and sweeping is important for maintaining the rugs in your home. However, you will still want to schedule professional area rug cleaning once or twice a year.

Active Chem-Dry area rug cleaning provides the best results in Orange County, CA. Our process requires no soap and very little water to deliver a healthier cleaning solution than carpet shampooers or store-bought machines.

The end result is rugs that receive a deeper clean that lasts longer.

Professional Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our technicians treat your area rugs and Oriental rugs with gentle precision and focus that comes from certified training from Chem-Dry.

Oriental rugs deserve expert care and that is what you receive when you hire Active Chem-Dry.

Prior to beginning the cleaning process our technician will inspect the rug fibers and material. This ensures that the correct cleaning process is used for those materials.

Rug cleaning is a multistep process including submersion baths, sprays and delicate fringe cleaning. Each step of the process is handled with the utmost care.

Basic rug cleaning from Active Chem-Dry mirrors the principles of our carpet cleaning service. We first spray The Natural® onto the rug to lift embedded dirt to the surface. The Natural is a carbonated cleaning solution that is green-certified.

The technician then utilizes our Hot Carbonated Extraction (HCE) process to remove dirt, soils and particles from the rug. HCE doesn’t use soap or chemicals.

Area Rug Cleaning You Can Trust

We want to earn your trust. Call us at (949) 612-7464 to schedule a rug cleaning appointment. We are confident our technicians will deliver amazing results.

Our technicians have the ideal combination of training and experience. Our thorough evaluation ensures that your rug remains safe throughout the cleaning process.

Depending on the rug a technician might recommend that he or she return the rug to our service location for a more thorough cleaning process. Rugs will be returned to you once the cleaning process is complete.

Your rug is in good hands with Active Chem-Dry!

Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Rugs require the perfect combination of routine maintenance and deep cleaning in order to retain their original beauty and quality. If you schedule professional area rug cleaning and vacuum and sweep your rug you will extend its lifetime.

We recommend the following rug cleaning tips for your home: 

“Dry Clean Only”

Some rugs are dry clean only. If your rug is dry clean only do not attempt to clean it. Call Active Chem-Dry at (949) 612-7464 and we will clean your rug for you.

How to Wash Small Rugs

Small machine wash rugs should be carried outdoors and shaken. Shaking the rug will loosen and remove loose particles and soil from the surface.

You can then bring the rug indoors and put it in your washing machine. Wash the rug using warm water and then let it tumble dry at a medium heat.

How to Beat Large Rugs

Large machine wash rugs should be taken outdoors if not too heavy. Shake the rug and then hang it on a clothes line or deck railing and beat it with a broom handle.

If you beat the rug you will remove loose soil and dirt and clouds of dust will also waft off of it. Beat the rug until you don’t notice any dirt or dust anymore.

Bring the rug indoors and vacuum it.

How to Vacuum Area Rugs

Start in the center of the rug and then vacuum toward the exterior. Don’t use too high of a suction level for area rugs and be careful if the rug has fringes. If the fringes get caught in the vacuum you could seriously damage the rug.

How to Care for Oriental, Turkish or Persian Rugs

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Be careful applying any kind of detergents or chemicals. For Oriental rug cleaning it is best to trust the professionals.

Schedule an appointment online to have  Active Chem-Dry clean your heirloom rugs.